mala Center

Center for Meditation and Therapy – Space for healing and connection – based in Athens, Greece

Individual therapy

We offer individual therapy and counseling, both online and in our Center in Holargos, Athens.


We offer a wide range of active meditations for emotional release, centering, empowerment, and more.

groups and workshops

We host and we organize therapeutic workshops, groups and events (concerts, poetry recital, art exhibitions).

healing is collective

Mala Center was born out of the need to meditate together, to offer a space for therapy and healing and to built a sense of community and holding around it. We offer Individual Inner Child Therapy, active meditations for emotional release and empowerment, and we host therapeutical gathering and workshops. 

Our space is located in the neighbourhood of Holargos in Athens, Greece.

Feel free to connect with us for any question or inquiry.

Man is born only as a seed – one should not take life for granted. Man is born only as a potential – the potential has to be transformed into actuality. Man is only a possibility, just a seed, and millions of people remain the seed and die, because they have taken their life for granted. They think all that has to happen has happened with the birth. Nothing has happened with the birth. Another birth is needed – the birth of the soul, the birth of the inner. 


our space

Our community is located in a house in the neighbourhood of Cholargos, in Athens, Greece. We have renovated the basement and created a beautiful space where we host groups and meditations.  The ground floor has a kitchen and large group space where we also host concerts and events. The Individual therapy sessions are given in the Session room on the ground floor. Upstairs there is an attic space capable of hosting guests who would like to stay overnight. Mala is equipped with mattresses, cushions, instructional materials and wifi throughout the facility.